Alternative recycle bin for sensitive files

Freeraser is a free file shredder that will render sensitive information unrecoverable. View full description


  • Nice icon with transparency effects
  • Features three deletion methods
  • You can stop the deleting process


  • No undo option
  • Not integrated into context menu

Very good

Freeraser is a free file shredder that will render sensitive information unrecoverable.

Deleting a file in Windows doesn't mean that it disappears forever. The system simply marks the space as free, but the actual file is still there and can easily be recovered with the appropriate software.

So if you want to make sure your deleted files can't be recovered later on, use Freeraser, an alternative Recycle Bin for Windows that erases files securely so that they can't be retrieved with a recovery tool. Freeraser features a nicely-designed resizable icon with transparency effects, and looks much better than the standard Windows bin.

Freeraser supports three deletion methods (fast, forced and ultimate) and works very efficiently. Just bear in mind that you need to be absolutely sure you want to delete these files: although the program lets you stop the deleting process, it doesn't have an "undo" option. Also, it would be great to have Freeraser included in Windows context menu, just like the Windows Recycle bin is.

Simple, yet powerful, Freeraser is an efficient recycle bin that securely deletes your files so they can't be recovered.


  • Multilingual support
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User reviews about Freeraser

  • melen1717

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    "Does the job.."

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    by K1DFLASH

    "this suckSSsSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!"

    ok i deleted my recycling bin be accident and wanted a new one so i went i saw freeraser i was like ok like me get it...   More.

  • captain crunch

    by captain crunch

    "Classy replacement for window trash bin. "

    It rocks. Worth the time too download. Easy too use. You can set the transparency and discover where it is on the scr...   More.

  • Redboi

    by Redboi

    "Slow but effective"

    Freeraser is a great little program and works as stated. However it is not lightening fast. Nor should one expect to ...   More.

  • sephora

    by sephora

    "what a great app!"

    its great! love the desktop icon and the drag & drop option. its one of the best that i've tried. its simple and ...   More.