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"this suckSSsSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!"

ok i deleted my recycling bin be accident and wanted a new one so i went i saw freeraser i was like ok like me get it when i saw it i was like no this is not what i wanted so i go to uninstall and hoping to go an find a new recycling bin but when the uninstall pop up i click yes it started an i noticed my files tht were on my background started to disappear so i said maby it like slowing the coump. so its nothing then when i look on the uninstaller it said deleting then my files names i was like fackkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk hold down the button and shut down the coump.i should have un plunged but anyway when i restarted i was hoping it was just sticking an it was my mind playing tricks but when my coump. finish loaded up i only had 17 files out of like over 50 an i am surprise the only thing good about this is that it deleted me most important file on my whole pc my fucking GTA SAN ANDREAS with over 80 MODS it was 6 a 6 gig and it deleted it under a sec which is fucking horrible this file fucked up my pc

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16 Oct 2010

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